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Everything You Need Know about This Number 855-520-7708

Everybody gets concerned when it comes to anything related to their money. It is, indeed, the most important thing to worry about for some people. Aggressive credit repair helps you exactly at that moment. If you are facing any difficulties managing your credit or have some unpaid bills then this agency will help you to solve your problem. If someone is calling you from 855-520-7708 and claiming to be your credit repair specialist, you should be careful before giving any confidential information.

Who Called You from 855-520-7708?

If you are getting calls from 855-520-7708 then you need to be a bit careful. Do not worry; it is not that serious of a problem. In most cases, it is from a debt collection agency or a financial institution inquiring about your unpaid bills. They want to let you know which bills you have missed or if there is any discrepancy in your credit.

If they ask you about your unpaid bills, you need to first clarify them and seek out the problem. At moments like these, you might need to seek help from your personal credit repair specialist. They will let you know where the actual problem is.

But a call from 855-520-7708 is not always a debt collector or a bill collection agency. Recently there have been some incidents of prank calls from numbers similar to 855 520 7708. Many citizens have reported that they are getting calls from this number. And they have also reported that no one from the other end is responding hence this might be a prank from someone.

Some Tips to Figure out If the Call is a Prank or Not

Is the call coming at an odd hour? Like late at night? If the answer is yes, then it is a prank call. No debt collection agency or credit repair company will call you late at night.

If you let the call go onto voice message are they leaving a message? If the answer is no then the possibility of it being a prank call is high. The debt collection agency will let you know their identity at first.

While answering calls of this type it is beneficial that you ask the person on the other end who they are. Especially, if they are asking about your credit information or any other confidential document. Make sure you do not give away your personal information to unknown people.

What Should I Do If I Get a Call from 8009556600 and 6302568591?

If you are getting phone calls from the numbers 8009556600 6302568591, it is the number of an American loan giving bank called Capital One. Capital One, the holding company provides house loans, car loans, specializes in credit cards, banking, and savings products. They also give out high-interest subprime credit cards to people and get payments on the money they owe. That is the main technique of their business.

Capital One is among the most known provider of credit cards. During the 90s the bank became famous for mass marketing of credit cards. It is an international bank and operates in the UK and Canada as well. Capital One has 963 Capital One Bank Branches and 2000 ATMs at this moment. But despite all this, the question remains, why this bank is calling you?

It is simply because of their telemarketing process. They want to let you know about their new schemes and tell you to invest in those. They may also call for advertising. These calls are mostly automated, so if you want to stop them you can simply block the number or call their customer care and tell them to take out your name from the list.

Even after doing so, you get a call from Capital One again; there is a law to protect you from harassment. Under the Telephone Consumers Protection Act, you may be entitled to up to 1500 dollars for each 8009556600 6302568591 call, after you have filed a complaint.


Aggressive Credit Repair

Aggressive credit repair is a mortgage loan originator company. This company is owned and supervised by Lorin Hanks. This Limited Liability Company helps people understand their credit scoring system for further financial investment and other credit-related works. They help you to find out your unpaid bills, any irrelevancy on a financial plan, or the best investment strategy.


What Aggressive Credit Repair Does?

Lorin Hanks also helps his customers to strategize business structure and taxation, but this expertise is in mortgage dealing. If you are thinking of getting help for your mortgage, Aggressive credit repair will review your credit report and find different interfaces, different scoring model terminology. Hanks and his team check all the data before he advises any plan. He has helped over 900 customers to date and all of them have a very positive review about the company.

Some people might call you from the number 855-520-7708 and claim that they are an Aggressive credit repair company but that is not always true. Make sure to check before you involve yourself with them.


Now that you know how aggressive credit repair works and what 855-520-7708 and 800-955-6600 and 630-256-8591 numbers are. We hope you can let your fears shed a little bit. If you are getting calls from these numbers, follow the above mention techniques, and always be confident to ask why they are calling. Ignore the calls if it seems like a prank call. For other credit-related issues, aggressive credit repair is always there to help you.

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