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credit repairWhy My Credit Focus?

The attorneys at My Credit Focus have helped over 160,000 clients over the past ten years repair their credit! Whatever your credit issues may be, reach out to our friendly and experienced lawyers now.

Successful Credit Repairs!

How We Repair Your Credit:

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Credit Examination
Our attorneys will carefully review your credit report for any item that is inaccurate, misleading, incomplete, and/or unverifiable in any way.

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1-on-1 Plan
After we discover your areas of improvement or the disputes available on your credit report, your personal Case Advisor will fight for you.

Credit Restoration

Attorney Advantage
By implementing audits and enforcing federal laws and acts of Congress, the lawyers at My Credit Focus will start to free you of low credit scores.

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Seeing Results
After the bureaus respond to our disputes, you will start to see improvement in your credit score. Timeframe depends on the number of negative items filed.

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Credit Management
Not only do we fight for you to improve your credit score, we also set up a credit management system so you can keep track of your progress online.

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Enjoy Better Credit
From lower auto insurance rates to a decrease in the interest rates on home mortgages, you can start enjoying the many benefits of a better credit score.

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Happy Client Testimonials

"I found after a friend told me about them. We were able to get started right away and have my credit repaired quickly."

− Natasha L.

"I was able to buy a house after just 6 months of working with A dream come true!"

− Sally B.

"Joe was able to improve my credit score by 90 points in what seemed like no time. I drive a new car now and have my bills in line."

− George M.

"I lost my job in 2009 and it messed up my credit pretty bad. The staff at helped me get back on track. They really took the time to explain everything to me as they were doing it. Thanks for the help, guys!!"

− Robert R.

"I spent over 6 months fighting with the different credit reporting agencies over errors THEY made on my report and still couldn’t get things resolved. I called and they were able to fix the errors quickly and effectively. I wish I would have called them first, before trying the DIY approach. Would have saved me time and money in the long run."

− James L.

"These guys were upfront and honest with me about what they could and couldn’t do regarding my credit report. I also like the fact that I have an attorney working my file here. So far they have done a great job and I am seeing a big improvement in my score."

− John C.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need your service?

Why do I need your service?

Inaccurate information or a single negative item on your credit reports can lower your credit FICO score with all three major credit bureaus. Low FICO scores can affect your chances to obtain lower interest rates for home mortgages and auto loans. It also will increase your auto insurance rates and affect your ability to obtain employment. has been very successful in the past with removing negative credit items. Although you can attempt to do this yourself, many individuals have found that it becomes very frustrating and time consuming when they do not achieve the results that we can provide. The fact is that the credit bureaus may choose to ignore your attempts or choose not to re-investigate the negative items at all.

Are you a licensed company?

Are you a licensed company?

Yes, in most states the law requires that you be licensed.

How do I know my personal information is safe?

How do I know my personal information is safe?

Any personal information that you submit to has the fiduciary duty to protect your information. Not only are we ethically and morally bound, our license also requires it. We will not disclose, resell, or allow your personal information to be viewed by anyone.

How long does it take to improve my credit?

How long does it take to improve my credit?

The bureaus must respond in 30 days of the dispute. Within the first 60 days you will start to see improvement in your credit report. Depending on the number of negative items appearing on your credit reports will determine the duration of time that services will be needed.

Can I apply for credit while my credit is under repair?

Can I apply for credit while my credit is under repair?

No, do not apply for any new credit because it will interfere with the process of restoring your credit and void our guarantee.

How often should I expect to get mail from the credit bureaus?

How often should I expect to get mail from the credit bureaus?

You will receive updated credit reports about every 2-3 weeks until your account is completed. As items are disputed, the bureaus will forward correspondence directly to you regarding the progress of the disputes.

When I receive my credit reports/correspondence what should I do with them?

When I receive my credit reports/correspondence, what should I do with them?

Send the original reports to and make copies for your records.

Los Angeles CA Credit Repair

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Proven Ways to Repair Your Credit

Let us take you through the process of fixing your credit score! The truth of the matter is that you don’t have to live with a bad credit score that is going to invite high-interest rates. has credit experts that can easily help you gain control over your credit. Not only do we have a lot of experience in the industry, we also use some of the best technology to come up with a customized plan for each client.

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Our first step once you sign up is to access your exiting credit reports. The report will be organized in such a way that you are able to easily identify the items that need to be changed. Each game plan is individualized, so we focus our efforts in the right areas.

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This is where you really need an expert on your side. Interacting directly with your creditors and forcing them to meet their obligations is what we do. After that, the credit bureaus will be communicated with to confirm that the agreed-upon changes have been made. We have been in this industry for long, and we know how to protect you.

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Repairing the Damage

We will show you how to achieve a high credit score and not just repair your credit. My Credit Focus is dedicating to offer long term solutions that will secure your financial success for a long time to come. We help to construct systems which are easy to follow so that your low credit score is not something you will have to face again.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Will the results take time to show?

It is quite a common question that we get and people want to know how long will the process take? The only way to answer that truthfully would be with a “it depends.” It will depend on what your goals are, what your personal situation is and how much work will have to be accomplished. The reason is set on creating a custom plan for each client because each person has a unique situation. Your own game plan should focus on areas that will make the most impact – which will help us get to work faster to ensure your creditors are responsible in terms of what they are reporting about you.

What Happens If All My Negative Items Seem Accurate?

This question is another common question that may pop us when taking a closer look at your individual credit situation. You may think it will not be possible for you to repair your credit. There are actually quite a lot of opportunities for change and growth, more then you probably know. Here is why it is important! Creditors are selling information about people all the time. The contents of this information affects all aspects of your life, including car payments, your ability to successfully apply for housing, and even how likely you are to secure new jobs. This is the reason why making sure that that information is true, able to be backed up, timely and as just as possible is very important. Almost everything goes to these descriptions. This is where you can count on It is their task to aid in assessing every item on your report as well as intervene for you with your creditors to help in upholding these standards about the information they have reported about you to the bureaus. There is a lot the process could help you with, why not check it out? There’s a lot possible and it might surprise you.

Credit repair is important because of these reasons:

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Almost every aspect of your life is affected by credit. If your credit is bad, it means that it could have an impact on other areas, such as:

1. Applications for Loans

In order to recommend new customers, lenders depend on credit. If you have low credit, you’ll struggle to find anyone willing to let you borrow from them if needed. In today’s economy, financial institutions are tightening their restrictions when issuing new loans. Borrowers are expected to have increasingly better credit – often over 720 – and they are also being subjected to more requirements such as large down payments. Having a low credit score is going to create a lot of issues for you when applying for loans.

2. Interest Rates

The interest rate a lender offers you could depend on your credit score. If you have had many late payments in your past, if you have been sent to collections, declared bankruptcy, etc. then your interest rates could be higher. You will see a reduction in interest rate as your credit score improves and this will allow you to save a lot of money.

3) Insurance Premiums

Insurance is all about risk mitigation. In fact, a good credit report will result in lower insurance premiums. Your financial track record is used by insurance providers to determine your risk in all other areas of life. A low credit score equates a high-risk behavior.

4.Opportunities for Employment

Credit report checks are often required by employers before hiring them. Employers use such information to gauge the level of responsibility of the new employee. If your credit report is poor you look disorganized and careless, and those are things that employers don’t like.

5. Savings

Sound employment, lower insurance premiums, low-interest rates, and favorable loan terms are the positive benefits of a better credit score. All this would add up to one thing – Savings. Greater options are available for those with good credit. If you are not constantly spending money on your debt, you can set that cash aside and put it into a savings account for your future.

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