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How long does it take to Fix Bad Credit?

Fixing a poor credit report is of prime importance for an individual and the entire task must be completed in a minimum number of days as possible. However, there is no such appropriate answer to the question that how much time is required for it. Individuals with the need of so often face problems as in case of urgent requirement, they end up in facing delays to make the purchase or losing their chance of getting a loan.

Understanding this crucial issue, we help you to know about the possible time expected to get the entire process completed and in addition to it, offers a number of feasible strategies suited to you individual requirements as we value unique situations of each member. Thus, we follow a well-defined plan to help in every step related to this process.

Verify: We help you to check your credit report and identify various items, which can b e challenged or changed. Such kind of a strategy helps our professionals to focus on the sincere efforts and start the process as soon as possible, thereby willing to provide quick results in support of your timely involvement.

Challenge: The items identified by you is then communicated to the credit bureaus  and creditors and are being asked to resolve such issues on a quick note. We interact with the credit bureaus to make sure that all such modifications are being well reflected on the credit report. The credit bureau cooperation is quite imperative for timely credit repair. Since, we are aware of the various consumer protection laws and time regulations, we try to represent you in the best possible manner.

Modify: Based on the situation, we help you to change the perspective by confronting the specific credit score issues. By eliminating the negative items of the report, the credit score is surely going to improve and that is our ultimate goal. 

No credit repair agency can guarantee of a specific timeframe, but we can assure you that we work with the best interest of our clients and thus, try to provide quick and accurate solutions to them. We believe with our years of experience in the domain, we can offer you the best service that you have been looking for. 

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Happy Client Testimonials

"I found after a friend told me about them. We were able to get started right away and have my credit repaired quickly."

− Natasha L.

"I was able to buy a house after just 6 months of working with A dream come true!"

− Sally B.

"Joe was able to improve my credit score by 90 points in what seemed like no time. I drive a new car now and have my bills in line."

− George M.

"I lost my job in 2009 and it messed up my credit pretty bad. The staff at helped me get back on track. They really took the time to explain everything to me as they were doing it. Thanks for the help, guys!!"

− Robert R.

"I spent over 6 months fighting with the different credit reporting agencies over errors THEY made on my report and still couldn’t get things resolved. I called and they were able to fix the errors quickly and effectively. I wish I would have called them first, before trying the DIY approach. Would have saved me time and money in the long run."

− James L.

"These guys were upfront and honest with me about what they could and couldn’t do regarding my credit report. I also like the fact that I have an attorney working my file here. So far they have done a great job and I am seeing a big improvement in my score."

− John C.

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