Best loans for consumers with bad credit guaranteed aggressive credit repair.

  Best loans for consumers with bad credit guaranteed aggressive credit repair.

HOW TO GET A HOME LOAN WITH BAD CREDIT. How do I get a loan if I don’t have good credit? You can’t get along with bad credit is the reality if you’re only working with your credit but this is one of those conversations that take us back to partnering.  We talked about partnering all the time.  You can get a loan with other people’s credit. We talk about OPM, other people’s money all the time.  This is OPC.  – And you got to understand should be using your credit.  I started the game, Steven, thinking I got to do it all by myself.  We are trained, this whole put your head down, nose to the grindstone, make it happen and you know what? Yes, you should focus and you should make it happen but not by yourself and the reality is, the projects that you want to do, there’s so much more possible when you stop trying to do it by yourself because the reality is, your credit has a limit and there’s very little that you can do in the world with credit.  You’re going to get maxed little that you can do in the world with credit you’re gonna get maxed got bad credit, don’t fret, you can still take action right now but we’re also going to tell you, how do you get that credit and first let’s just start with some practical advice.  Hey, if my credit is not land worthy then how do I get it to lend worthy? Let’s just start with a couple of quick basics on that.  – Yeah, some basics on improving your credit, getting your credit score up, it’s simple, pay your bills on time.


Now I know that that may seem like a simple bit of advice but the reality is, so many people they’ll let it go, they are budgeting appropriately so they sometimes let a bill go a few days late or whatnot, that’s going to hurt your credit all day long but if you will begin to just pay your bills on time, that will increase your credit score. Another thing, if you have credit cards okay and by the way, if you don’t have credit cards, getting a credit card over time will improve your credit. They want to see that you have credit lines that are there revolving, that is working, a car loan, that kind of things add to that but if you have a credit card, making sure that it doesn’t go above a third, meaning you don’t use credit card making sure that it doesn’t go above a third mate meaning you don’t make sure you’re paying it back off, that’s going to improve your credit as well. – And here’s the reality.  You know, we want to make sure that you understand, we’re not laughing or poking fun at anyone.  Life hits and sometimes when it hits, we get behind, right? For those of you that just get behind because you’re irresponsible but you could have paid the bills, for you, yeah, get your act cleaned up.


Steven’s right okay but for most of us, we’re in this situation because something happened, I either lost the situation because something happened there was you know I either lost long to get one or maybe there was a big health concern or condition that came up. I get it, life will happen.  When you do have those blemishes on your credit, you can get them cleaned up so, besides, to just maintain good credit,t paying your bills on time, applying for credit cards, googling that and using the responsibility to build credit, the other advice that I’d like to give before we show you how you get a loan anyway is do some credit repair. There are many noteworthy companies out there, I’m not going to recommend anyone specifically $700 or even $1,000 or two, a company will come in, lawyers will hundred dollars or even $1,000 or two a company will come in or lawyers will come in and they know how to skip years of the credit process the slow way of derogatories, the late payments and bump a lot of that stuff off of your derogatory it’s the late payments and bump a lot of that stuff off of your card or your credit card and then this other one is doing the credit repair, card or your credit card and then this other one is doing the credit repair people with good credit, even good credit requires maintenance.  Credit repair doesn’t mean you necessarily did something wrong.  I’ve done credit repair many times on my credit, I’ve had a couple of things slip through an accident as you know, I bought a car and I was doing a special lease on it and then my like you know I bought a car and I was doing a special lease on it and then it’s like, hello, you’ve got three late’s, a 30 day late, a 60 day late and I’m like, that’s like hello you’ve got three lates a thirty day later 60 late and I’m like ahI’m like. But we clean it up and it’s okay and so I even get some of those things on my credit as life happens.  Today we want to talk about how do you get a loan if you have bad credit and again, I cannot emphasize how important it is for you to understand that everything that you desire, that next deal, it’s within your finger grasps.  If you have no money, it’s just inches away and if you don have the credit, it’s inches away.  If you know more have the credit it’s inches away if you know more connected with who you know.  – Yeah, you know credit is a commodity and want to help you understand what I mean by this.  Credit can be bought and want to help you understand what I mean by this.


Credit can be bought and sold it can be traded, it is a negotiation tool and credit should never be a reason for you not to do real estate.  I talk to people all the time who have great assets but their credit as you know, been hurt, maybe they went through a bankruptcy or a divorce or a foreclosure or whatever the case might be and they’re not able to use their credit to buy a deal and this is one of the things that I say and this to me, I hope that you can internalize this.  I will often ask them, would you rather have a smaller portion of something or a hundred percent of nothing? – I’d rather have a smaller portion of something.  – Right? And so in other words, if you were going to go do a deal, let’s just say that the credit partner that you were going to get was asking for or five-ten fifteen-twenty percent of the deal, would you rather take 80%of an amazing deal that was producing well or a 100%of not being able to do a deal, right? So this is where, you know, credit oftentimes, although it will stop people, it doesn’t have to and you can continue to move forward, do a great real estate even if your credit isn’t up to par. – So here’s how you do it.  First of all, you can find someone’s credit to rent.  Know what the deal is that you want and first of all before we talk about investing, let’s just talk about your home.  That exists in the world, it’s called a cosigner.  It’s like I’m going to take on a parent, a sibling, a friend as somebody who is more creditworthy, the bank will take my situation to account, the bank’s going to put their butt on the line and together we’re doing deals.


Co-signing doesn’t exist all that much in the investing world, what does exist is a credit partner, just the way Steven explained it.  So let’s just say for a moment, and do an example, you’ve got a property and let’s say the property is worth a $100,000 and you can buy it for $80,000 and all of a sudden, it’s like okay, I got a $20,000margin, my business plan, I’m going to rent out this property for 5 years and I’m going to sell it and during that time, I’m going to plan on making $300,000a month on it.  I’m going to do a lease option with Kris and Steven’ssystem, I’m going to collect a $5,000 downpayment and during those 5 years, I’m going to secure my 20 grand of equity upfront, I’m going to collect a couple of$5,000 down payments, I’m going to make my $300,000 a month and then later, I’m going to sell it, take a little appreciation account.  I plan on making$40,000.  I’m buying this asset, I don’t have the credit for it, I don’t even have the money for it let’s say but I can make $40,000.  Well listen, do you know someone out there that would love to be in on a deal to get a parcel part of$40,000? They’re everywhere people, they’re everywhere.  I could go onto Facebook and just say, looking at a super juicy deal, got all the resources mostly lined up, still looking for $20,000and a credit partner and you know, private message me and I’ll give you the details.  I’m going to get people in my world, I’ll show you later how you create those people but how you get them to respond to you and all the sudden it’s like, well I got the credit, I’m creditworthy, I’ve got some money for a down payment.  Could we do the deal? They’re like, we’d be 50/50 so I can take that $20,000, the goal would be to turn it to $40,000.  I’ll also get $20,000.  Now let me ask you, do you know people that would like to double their money? Yeah.  Double your money in 5 years, that’s a 100%return, split over the 5 years, that’s 20% a year, is that better than 401k’s IRA’s? Of course, and that’s why credit is available.  Now I’m even taking it to the level of they’re bringing money to the table, if it’s just credit, Steven, already said it, ten-twenty fifteen percent.  Right now I’m meeting up ironically with the gentleman that for the last 4 years has been a credit partner on three of my homes.  I paid him 10% upfront andI’m paying him five percent of profitability at the end of the deal and he’s happy as a clam, it’s been passive, he didn’t have to do, almost nothing to do, to get there, he got it paid some money upfront on it and it’s been a really beautiful deal.  If you want to learn more about the specifics of not just a credit partner but also where you get money partners, Steven and I, we’ve been doing this for years, we have raised tens of millions of dollars and as we are putting these partnerships together, there’s a specific blueprint formula that we use and a business plan.


  We give all of those available to the people, we work with inside our real estate community so what you’d want to do is click on the website here and look for the words partner profits and pursue that pathway and figure out how Steven and I can actually get you the training on how to create partners with money, how to pair them up with deals, how Steven and I can even give you the deals and put it all together, we’ll lay out some of your options and what that can look like but if you’re walking away from this video, it’s like, how do you get a loan with bad credit? I hope that clears it up because really if we had to just say, alright, let’s summarize it.  Number one, packaged the deal to know what you want and what you’re willing to offer.  Step two, market it. Text people, call people, get it on social media, tell them exactly what you’relooking for him and what you can give them.  Step three, pick the winner.  Pick the person that you’re going to be working with.  Those are the things, those are the really simple steps of what you do to just make it happen so rise, make it happen, line up that credit partner and go get that real estate deal done! Never let a bank tell you what you can or can’t do.  Never let your pocketbook tell you what you can or can’t do.  Your job is to know what you want and to understand what your dreams are, develop an absolute conviction for it and then allow the resources to come into your life that can make it happen even if they’re unconventional.  If you want to learn more about unconventional resources, hidden assets, and how to create wealth when you don’t have the money, go ahead over to my website, click out some of the options and check out what we do for you to help you get launched right now.


                                        Having bad credit

If you want to get a home loan but you don’t have good credit, you’re wondering and. The first way that I want to share with you, it’s not very exciting. It’s called credit repair. There are reputable companies out there that the good ones will charge $1,000 and $2,000 and in a matter of months, usually, 2 – 3 or 6 months, they can go on to the credit bureau and refute some of the things that have created the bad credit. And what they’ll do is they’ll bring a legal team to the table and lawyers. And these lawyers know how to write letters that these credit bureaus and companies are not prepared to respond to so they have to drop it. Whether it was legitimate or illegitimate why their credit isn’t good, frankly credit repair is something with a reputable company that can take care of that for you. But today you might be sitting here thinking, but Kris I don’t want to write a $1000 or$2000 check and I want something even faster. Ok, I get it. So here’s option number 2. Have someone else secure the loan for the property that you want to get. Now, this is different than cosigning. I’m not suggesting that you take bad credit plus good credit equals a good loan. No, bad credit plus good credit mix and creates not so good credit. So instead, you need time to work on your credit and make sure you got a plan for that. Eventually, do that credit repair thing, keep your nose clean Watch some of my other videos on how to manage your credit. But what I want you to do is, think, who do you know in your life that loves you?Does that care about you?Does that trust you? that would get the loan and then let you use the house. That’s a very fast option. But again, you might be sitting here thinking, but Kris I don’t know anyone that would take on that amount of debt or I don’t know if I have anyone that is in my world that would trust me that way. Ok, I got it. So we don’t have the $1,000 or $2,000 for credit repair maybe. We might have the person that would go ahead and get the loan, so I’m gonna share with you something cool. This is my favorite. This is the one that I would use. If I lost everything, if I had bad credit, if I had no money but I wanted to get right back into a home, then I would do it through a lease option.


Ok so here’s the deal on a lease option. There are homeowners out there, and there are investors out there. And what they want to do. . .  is they are looking at putting you in the home, not just as a renter, but doing like a rent to own. Or what’s called a lease option. Or what’s also called seller financing. And basically, this is an unconventional way of getting into a house. So for example, there’s a house out there, and, you gotta be flexible, because it’s not like you get to be picky and choosy, with the exact house that you want. But you can find a house with equity in it, when you make your monthly payments, just like if it were to a bank, you could say “hey, every time I make a payment on time, I want some of the money to credit towards the purchase price of the house. And then #2. When you are doing that, what you are doing is buying time. Because you are getting a house now, but what you are saying is, I’m buying time to be able to repair my credit, or let something drop off my credit, and ultimately allow myself to get into a house. And have all the full rights of ownership today. I’m a huge fan of seller financing and lease options. And you’ve got a link to my book below, and I want you to read it because it’s all about the least option system, and it’s all about exactly how it works. And I’ve got all sorts of tools in there that will help you. But if I had to start all over guess what? If I had bad credit, that is exactly how I would get into a house, is I would negotiate that. I would make sure that I set the price upfront. And I would make sure that when I’m being a good steward of the home, and taking care of the home, or fixing it up, that all of that becomes credits that apply towards the time when I eventually buy it. The last piece of advice I’d give you on that is, you can do a 5-year contract or a 1-year contract.


Give yourself time. Number 1 problem with this strategy, is you get immediately gratified by being in the house, but you don’t take the steps that you need to eventually buy it. So if you put yourself on the title. This is the strongest position, that some people will let you do, and some won’t. If you get added to the title, what it means, is that you can refinance the home instead of purchasing the loan. And a refinance loan is always way easier to get than a purchase price loan. So that would be the cake topper, of, get me on there so that within 2 years, I can refinance it. If you’ve got bad credit do yourself a favor. Make sure you’re going through the process, and keep your eye on the ball, of getting your credit repaired. Because once you buy it from them, you advanced yourself all the benefit of having the house today, and when you bought it, then 2 or 3 years later when you refinance it, or are able to qualify to purchase it, it’s now yours. And you didn’t have to wait for your credit to get good. Okay, to make this lease option thing work, you need some contract training. Come out to my Limitless Wealth Intensive. Get the contracts, get everything you need, and get the training, so that you can get yourself right into a home, whether you got good credit, or bad credit, right now. Click the link below, and go ahead and put the request in. My team will reach out and get you the dates of our next event.



Before I  can get into the four ways to buy a house with no money down. I have to tell you. I think it’s critical before you buy a house before you go looking to make sure you hire a good lender and when I say lender I’m talking a loan officer because a good loan officer who knows what they’re doing can make or break the whole process and it’s the same thing with the real estate agent. You have to hire a good real estate agent who knows and understands lending because the lenders and realtors work hand-in-hand. So what I’ll do is. I’ll put a couple of videos up above and how to choose a lender and how to choose a realtor and you could watch those. So let’s talk about the four different ways to buy a house with no money down and I’m going to go over four different types of loans and I’ll sort of break each one down a little bit. So the first one I want to talk about is FHA and that’s a government loan program. It’s insured by HUD which is Housing and Urban Development and so the FHA is a great program. It’s one of the most popular programs, especially for first-time homebuyers. It does allow for low credit scores. You could go all the way down to 580 credit score at least from the time of this video right now. So it is a really good option. The thing about FHA is it does have a three and a half percent down but FHA will allow you to get the down payment as a gift from a relative. So it’s good and they’re a little axed on some of these gifts. So you could get the down payment and then you could have the seller pay all the closing costs. They’ll allow the seller to pay closing costs up to six percent of the purchase price if they chase a really good option in it extremely popular especially for first-time homebuyers. The second government loan I’m going to talk about is VA. Hands down if you’ve been in the military and you’re eligible, VA is the best program period. It’s a hundred percent financing unlike FHA it doesn’t have mortgage insurance. It’s going to stay with the life of the loan like FHA does. VA has a one-time funding fee. That’s it.


The Veterans Administration covers the loan in case of default. It’s a hundred percent financing though allow seller concessions or the seller to pay closing costs up to four percent of the sales price and that’s more of a guideline than a rule. You can probably go a little higher if you need to on VA. Now VA is a little bit more of a stickler on credit and some other things but if you fit within a VA loan it’s an absolute killer loan program. The next one. It’s the next two I’m going to talk about aren’t the government per se. Like the VA and FHA. So I’m going to go into conventional. Now you might have heard of Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Now that’s a conventional loan. They have down payments of three percent or five percent but liking in the other programs. You could get a gift for that and you could also have the seller pay a certain amount of closing cost. So it’s a general rule of thumb when you’re on a three percent or a five percent downpayment they’ll only allow up to three percent toward the closing cost but if you go over five percent then they’ll allow up to six percent toward the closing cost. Now one thing you might want to keep in mind depending on your lender. You also may have the lender. You may ask them if they could increase your interest rate slightly and then they can taste some of your closing cost. So that’s another option as well the fourth. The loan I want to talk about is a USDA. Now a USDA is the USDA Loan is meant more for rural but it’s not always rural areas. So I would go on the USDA website and check it out and I’ll go ahead and put a link down below and you could see if you fit within that. Now if you live in a metropolitan area and you know living the outlining areas you’re pretty much not going to qualify but if you do it’s a great program because it’s a hundred percent down but here’s also the kicker. So let’s say you have a purchase contract at $100,000 then let’s say the home appraises for a hundred and two thousand dollars. They’ll let you use the additional two thousand dollars toward your closing costs. So it’s really neat and though allow up to a six percent seller concessions, so six percent of the sales price that the seller can pay toward your closing costs. So these are all great programs. It comes down to getting in front of a lender. Hiring a lender someone who knows what they’re doing because it’s what programs best for you it’s not what program is the best but what program is the best for you in your situation.



                          REFINANCING WITH BAD CREDIT

With bad credit assistance dot com financial solutions for people with less-than-perfect credit, this is a quick subject that gets searched on a lot and that refinancing a home are you a homeowner insisted on refinancing with bad credit. Getting equity or a second mortgage play you have bad credit may be even bankruptcy on your record there are companies to have mortgages specifically for homeowners with less than perfect credit this means even with damaged credit you may still be able to get a second mortgage or refinance with bad credit and we know what to do

sternum skin used a lot to get used interchangeably and it does cause some confusion so I do want to quickly go over Conway each one means now home refinance is very much like it sounds your existing on the hands completely replace and you get a brand new mortgage, for example, five years ago he bought a home it was valued at a hundred thousand dollars and you get a thirty-year mortgage four hundred thousand dollar now the interest rates are much lower damn what you have we originally got them there for you when you get a whole new loan at to slower rate you’ve had a home for a few years so the

balance on the mortgage now 95 thousand dollars cell this existing mom is gonna be completely paid off you gonna start are over again with a brand new thirty-year mom for to ninety five thousand dollars is to benefit obtaining a refinance and mainly what people mean when they say hand refinance now home equity loans only for the excess difference between the balance bill mom your current num a to current value the home, for example, we’re gonna take that some hundred thousand dollar mom mortgage that you get five years ago the balance is now 95,000as worsened the previous example but the hand itself is we’re100 and five thousand dollars the difference between 95008 you hundred in five thousand that the home is worth is a ten thousand dollar difference and that is the equity in the home with a home equity loan you gonna leave dead existing ninety-five thousand dollars alone gonna lead to complete them in place and you’re going to get a completely separate mom for any amount up to debt 10 thousand dollars that is a hand equity loan and for some people let’s say you have

good credit whoever’s loaning you that money may just establish an account that you can go at any time and getup to debt ten thousand dollars that’s called inequity line of credit so they can establish step for you may go get just a thousand dollars at one time you may go a few months later and get another couple a thousand dollars you can get as much as you anytime you want up to ten thousand dollar limit so that is a home equity mom and a home equity line of credit and then a second mortgage happens if to finance company that gave you that home equity loan house papers at the local

courthouse your local courthouse to recording not to record a lien against your hands collateral for that home equity loan at TKD served and it becomes a second mortgage so essentially the same thing the home equity loan when someone has perfect credit they may not go and file that means against them but if your someone that has some credit issues has some negative things on your credit report you may still be able to get that home equity loan because the house itself is collateral and that case they will go down every chord leaving against a home itself in an officially be calm a second more kidsSATs Canova overview the differences between three as we said before the August interchangeably all the time which can confuse you get a lot more information about this on our web page we’re

gonna put dis click this clip on you too and as you know on YouTube the meis gonna be directly below to video this gonna take you directly to our web page we’ll awesome in a plea this clip directly on the web page is self so if you somehow have already found your way and you’re already on our page just simply scroll down and there’s a lot more information below and you see leak to a site where you can apply directly online for home refinance a home equity line ora second mortgage now remember simply applying doesn’t obligateSheedyanything it doesn’t commit you do anything someone is gonna contact you ningun explain everything to you upfront and let you know where are love you options are this is a service that is specifically for people to have less than perfect credit and remember our website bad credit assistance to calm has links to free tips free advice and much more services specifically for peoplewith less-than-perfect credit so that’s itSr overview for home refinancing getting a home equity loan if you have bad creditand we will see you on our necks credit Asushelp tips


              Borrowing the money with bad credit


If you need to get to loan but are worried that bad credit will stop you there’s no need to stress, you do have options.  I’m going to show you what you can do to maximize the chance to get accepted even if you’ve had issues with credit in the past.  You should check out the guide I’ve linked to below too, as it walks you through your options step by step so you know where to start. Don’t assume you’ve got bad credit if you’ve never checked.  There’s no such thing as a credit blacklist even if you’ve had problems in the past knowledge is power and the first thing you should do is check your credit history.  This will help you understand how good your credit is and give you a chance to correct anything wrong but could harm your chances of getting accepted now even if your credit score isn’t great, there are lots of tricks that you can use to improve it quickly. Check out the link I’ve included below for simple ways to build your credit score so you maximize the chances of getting accepted. While missed payments and recent CCJs will mean it harder and more expensive for you to get a loan, likely, you should still be able too. That doesn’t mean that you necessarily should you need to borrow to pay a bill then speak to the lender to sort out a repayment plan first the last thing you want to be doing is in a situation where you have to rob Peter to pay PaulNow if you have savings and it’s worth considering using them rather than borrowing and if you need the money and can’t afford whatever you’re buying without borrowing they give yourself a bit of a sense check first to make sure you need it and couldn’t get it cheaper less you borrow the less you’ll have to pay back in interest.


Why Did My Credit Score Drop After Dispute? Don’t go straight for a payday or high-cost loan. They’re really expensive ways to borrow, and getting one can make it harder for you to get credit again in the future’s better to look at other options first you might think the best place to go first into bank but in reality they’reno more or less likely to give you a loan than any other lender you’ll still have to go to the same credit and affordability checks as everyone else now instead look for lenders let you check your chance of acceptance before you apply this gives you a way of finding out whether you can get the loan without the hurting your credit history if you get rejected by one lender then don’t apply with another straight away is it will do you more harm than good you.  You should be able to find out why your applications turned down and then can focus on making things right before you apply again if you need to borrow this bad credit you have a few options a credit card could give you access to the cash you need and depend on your credit history can help you borrow interest-free you may even be able to transfer from your credit card to your current account then pay it back over time just like a loan.  The brilliant thing is you can check which credit cards you’re likely to get on the money. co. without actually applying’s the fear-free way to find out whether this is an optionI’ve included a link to our credit card acceptance checker below now guarantor loans can give you a way to borrow if a friend or relative is willing to take joint responsibility for the loan and promised the lender they’ll pay it back if you can’t it can be a good option if you’ve got bad credit but your guarantor must know what they’re getting themselves into as they could be left footing the bill if you start to struggle now an overdraft might seem like an obvious choice but it actually can work out more expensive than a payday loan especially if you go over your limit or take ages to pay it back.  Now check your limit and the cost before considering this option and if you do go down this route pay it back as quickly as possible if you need to borrow a larger amount for several years and an unsecured loan could be worth considering.  You might not get the best buy rate but it can be more affordable than other options and you should be able to check your chance of getting accepted before you borrow too before you check out your options you need to work out what you can afford to repay first, then work backward to look at where to get the money from.  Borrow as little as possible and pay it back over a short a time as possible so you don’t pay a penny more on interest and you have to So that’s how to borrow with bad credit please like or share this video and if you’ve got any questions at all then comment below and I’ll do my best to help


  What is the number one thing people are doing, that they shouldn’t be doing when they’reapplying for a loan with you guys? It’s simple, it’s before you even get to contract. It’s just waiting until the last minute to get pre-approved. We understand circumstances sometimes that’s just how it is. The big thing is, after meeting your agent, talking about price ranges and goals, the next step, it can’t hurt to just reach out to a lender or two or three and start identifying what you can qualify for. That’s the best thing. The earlier the better. The main reason is that it allows time to find any potential pitfalls that can come back in the underwriting process a week before closing. Last-minute surprises are the worst. Nobody wants that. Getting pre-approved early is always better. It allows time to figure out if there are any extra hoops to jump through. That just gives you better peace of mind. When you’re out with your agent. Definitively what you can and can’t qualify for. Besides, we always like to provide you with estimates on homes that you’re going to go see so when you’re looking at them, the wheels are turning. What are my payments going to be like? There’s a ton of benefits to getting preapproved early, rather than waiting for the last minute. And it is beneficial from the very beginning to settlement. It will make your transaction much more transparent, seamless, and less stressful. It takes a village. And it just helps when everything is lined up. Yeah, certainly execution is the number one thing. You can look online at how to apply for a mortgage, what pitfalls to avoid, how to do this, how to do that. At the end of the day, going out, going on your lender’s website and getting preapproved. You know when I’m working with buyers, I always ask two very important questions. Number one: are you already working with a real estate agent. Very important. I’ve not asked that in the past and it’s come back to bite me, believe it or not. Well, it’s very easy to believe actually. And number two, are you pre-approved with a local lender? If you are looking for homes and you are not pre-qualified, you are not a serious buyer. You are wasting your time. You might say “well, I’ll just get a letter once I write a contract, it’s fine”. Well, my buyers already have that letter and they will beat you to the punch and get their offer in before you. Nobody likes to get bad news. You don’t want to waste your time falling in love with something that you ultimately don’t qualify for. We find that our clients 99% of the time are pre-approved early just makes your guy’s time much more efficient and you know what you can qualify for. All of your processes are so streamlined just to a that if you do them, you will get qualified, you will have your letter. The reason you screw up is you go off astray, you don’t return calls, you don’t return emails. We’re a referral-based company so communication is key. Delivery, setting expectations and meeting those expectations. Pre-approvals we can do in as little as 24-hours and especially in this market. Springtime, summertime, that’s what it takes.



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