I hate this concept of credit repair.  People keep thinking like they’ve done something wrong and. . .  Who knows? Maybe you didn’t know the rules and you did.  Or maybe you just need to tune up your credit.  But today, I’ve brought an expert and we’re going to be tackling the conversation of credit repair.  Guys, it doesn’t cost that much money.  And I’m going to talk about the benefits of what happens and how you can leverage your credit to make a pile of money. So, from time to time, I bring my inner circle of wealth experts on to the channel to help you guys get some more information.  If you haven’t seen Joe before, he’s a returning guest.  He’s a really good friend of mine.  Supersuccessful business owner.  Dude, he’s freaking slaying it out there in LongIsland nationwide with his business.  And today dude, we’re going to be talking about this conversation of credit repair.  Which dude, let’s be honest.  No one likes having that conversation.  -No one likes credit.  Most people don know about it.  It freaks them out.  They don’t even know where to start who to turn to.  There’s also a lot of companies out there.
Unfortunately, you know, in the past that has just taken people’s money and not done the right thing.  Which is always. . .  -I’ve experienced it. Yeap.  Which is a shame?  But credit is just such an important thing that you just need to know for life.  Never mind you want to get into real estate or have a business.  In general, in life, you’re going to buy a car, you’re going to lease a car.  You’re going to buy a house.  Even now if you go to rent something.  If you don’t plan to buy a house, if you’re just renting, you need credit and your credit gets checked.  Some companies even.  I don’t know if you knew this.  But some like big corporations now are actually, will run your credit.  -To see if they want to hire you or something? -Yeah.  Well, some financial institutions, if you don’t have a high enough credit score, they’re afraid that if they hire you and you have bad credit that you might do something not so good.  -Yeah.  -You know for money.  So, guys, this is crazy.

This is a very important conversation.  And today, this video intends to help you understand what credit is? Why it’s important? How you can use it? And how you can make good money with it? And then if your credit needs some fine-tuning, what can you do? Because dude, I just went through an ordeal where my wife had some bill on auto-pay.  And then they changed the rate.  And so, she made the entire payment except for like 20 bucks.  And then they dinged my credit, had dropped 90 points.  But thanks to companies like yours, we were able to go through a real simple refute system.  Got it yanked and brought our ended up even higher than it was before.


I’ve educated on stuff because guys, I leveraged my credit that led to my first 1. 6 million dollars.  If you asked me credits important, I’ll tell you this: You do not have to have credit to make crazy amounts of money in real estate.  But if you have it, it can only make it a lot easier.  So, I always encourage people.  -So much easier.  -Yeah.  Right? I mean, just. . .  It’s just one less hurdle that you have to worry about.  -And will save you dollars.  I mean you’ll get a better rate on the mortgage.  If you’re buying a car, you’ll get you to know better rates.  You’ll have a lower car payment.  You’ll get access to your better credit cards.  I mean, there’s just. . .  It’s really. . .  It’s just endless.  It’s a necessary life tool.  -Yeah.  So, let’s just break this down.  For those either don’t know, your credit score, your FICO score.

There are 3 credit reporting bureaus.  And basically, what they do is they just monitor all of your spending and credit habits.  And what they do is they give you a score.  And right now, if you wanted to look at, “Hey, what’s a good average score to be able to do something in life?” You’d probably call it maybe like a 680.  When someone has like a720 on up, you’re like, that’s great a paper.  You can do a lot with that.  Credit can go as high as to how high? -I mean it can go up to like 850.  Most people don usually break 800.  But anything worth of 720-750 is an awesome credit score.  But you can even do things with credit that’s like 600 and higher too, right? -Yeah.  You definitely can.  I mean once your score starts to fall below that 680 marks, that’s where you’re going to start to get looked at a little bit differently.  And that’s where you’re not going to get the best deal available whether it’s a mortgage, a car, or credit card or any type of. . .  Any other loan type of transaction.

So, I want you guys to just Google.  And right now, you can get credit monitoring service to just create an awareness of what is my credit score.  And then you can be aware when it’s going up.  You can be aware of when it’s going down.  And if it’s not where you need it to be, then you got experts like Joel and his company that, you know, for very small fees actually can go in.  And with a little bit of time, get your credit right where it needs to be so you start opening up huge doorways of financial possibilities.  Speak to that a little bit.  -Well, I’ll give you one better if you sign up for our credit repair service.  We actually throw in the credit or a credit monitoring service. -Dude, that’s awesome.  That’s great.  -Yeah.  -So, I want to give you a little bit of a spin on credit repair.  If you’ve made financial choices in the past where it’slike, “Yeah.  I didn’t pay for this one.  I could have.  Or I deliberately didn’t pay that.  Or I got in a pinch and I couldn’t do this. ” You need credit repair.  But I use a different type of language that’s I think, a lot better reframe.  For a lot of us that need the same thing.  But we haven’t necessarily done things wrong. And it’s called credit maintenance.  And it’s just that every few years, your credit needs to undergo a little bit of maintenance.  Because an expert can know, what can you do to boost your scores higher? How you rebalance some of your debts if you are carrying some debts.  And there are things that they can do.  That you and I cannot do on their own or if we did, it would take a lot of time, effort, money to figure out.  Where they’ve just got processes and systems.  I can tell you 3 distinct moments in the last decade Joe where I used credit repair services for credit maintenance. And each time it boosted my credit to a high peak. That had never been done before. And dude, I have used my credit for business and all sorts of things.  And even though I buy hundreds of homes each year without using my credit.  And I build massive wealth without it, I still use it regularly for several things.  So, it’s important that you like to keep it a check.  -Yeah, absolutely.  I like, you know, what you said to credit maintenance.  And education.  A lot.  You know, we. . .  They didn’t teach you about credit repair in school or college or anything. Which is amazing.  But just understanding what tradelines are.  How the utilization of your credit limits affects your score.  And when you sign up for our service, we don’t just go in and knock everything out.  We also will provide the educational well too and explain to you these things that you need to know. We help you get to a great place with your credit.  You can understand this so you can keep it there and keep improving it.  And you know, certain things just take some time to get that score up to an amazing place.  Listen, as a bonus to you in a moment, we’re just going to give you a shortlist of credit tips to help you get your credit where you needed to be.  But first, I wanted to create awareness.  There are 2 links in the description below.


The first one if you know you need credit maintenance or some type of credit repair, dude, reach out to Joe’s team.  I’ve worked with many people over the years. He is the team to beat.  He is the team to work with.  The second thing is that there’s also a description below just for Joe’s channel.  Joe is a huge believer in education.  So, his YouTube channel, he’s educating all sorts of entrepreneurs one-entrepreneurs, business owners.  on what they need to do to become successful in business.  Credits a big part of that so you’re going to learn more about that on this channel as well.  So, Joe.  Before we wrap this up, they know that they can get in contact with you and get. . .

They at least know that you’re my premiere provider when it comes to if somebody’s credit repair.  I’m sending them right to you.  But let’s just talk through some basic tips on what people can do to make sure that they just keep their credit in a good way and don’t accidentally hurt it.  I’m just gonna start with tip number one which is when you owe something and it’s doing us the date, It is important to make the payment.  If you don’t make the payment, it’s going to hurt your credit.  -Do anything you can to make the payment.  Don’t go 30 days late.  Once you go 30 days past the due date of that payment, it counts as a 30 day late.  And will automatically drop your score. It doesn’t look good.  Lenders do not like it.  Credit card companies don’t like it.

No one likes it.  -And if you longer then a 30 day late can turn into a 60 day late.  -90.  -And a 90.  -Once you start having those, it’s just. . . It just gets even worse.  -That’s when your credit pretty much drops under 600.  It’slike, everyone’s like hey, “I’m not going to touch you. ” So, I want you to know no matter what kind of crisis you’ve dealt with or you might be dealing with right now, get resourceful and find a way to not have to clean that out.  Because if you wait years, it’ll come off your credit.  Usually, a 30-day late with many financial solutions, once it’s been off for a couple of years, then they’ll start looking at your credit again because they’re looking for a pattern that says”Oh, maybe they went through our time but they’re now becoming reliable again.

“It is best if you just look reliable from day one by getting resourceful enough to solve that problem.  -And if you’ve had those, don’t worry.  We can help get rid of them.  -Dude, that that is the crazy part actually. I just got to say this for a second because it’s going to blow your mind.  I actually had at a time in my life where I wasn’t very credit educated.  And I was opening up the gap credit card store and the Nordstrom’s credit card store.  And like I was getting 10% discounts on all my clothes.  I saved a few hundred bucks.  I felt like the champion.  And all of a sudden, my credit dropped 50 points.  I’m like, “Wait, what? How’d that happen?” They’re like, “Oh, because you kept doing inquiries. ” So, this is rule number 2.  Be careful about how many inquiries.  You don’t want to be checking your credit and every term because it usually costs you a certain number of points.  If you just keep doing it on a regular basis and instead, you know, you want to. . .  But these guys know how to get it off.  That’s a cool part.  That’s the moral of the story.  -The constant inquiry is having your credit ran when you apply for those store cards or any other card or anything else credit-wise.  Having those an ongoing basis consistently, yeah is not good.  Yeah.  And it doesn’t mean that you can have any.  You just don’t want to go nuts.  So, this is my third tip for you real estate investors.  You want to have at least 3 revolving tradelines.  Many of the banks are looking for a minimum of 2 and often 3.  That means get 3 different credit cards.  But here’s the rule: Use them and pay them off.  -To follow-up with that.  You don’t want to exceed 30% of whatever the credit limit is.  So to make it simple, if you have a thousand dollar limit on that credit card, you don’t want to go over 300 bucks in any given month.  -Yeah.  So. . .  -Super important.  -So, guys, we’ve just given you the basics here on credit.  Get your trade lines, use them responsibly.  Don’t rack up too much debt.  If something is due, pay it.  Never let it go 30, 60, 90 days late.  Do those basics, it’s going to help grow your credit with time.  But on top of that, if you ever need help or you just need some maintenance, click the link get in touch with Joe, dude.  He’s the go-to premier guy on my team for making sure that we get your credit where it needs to be so you and I, we can go crush it in real estate, we can crush it in business.  We make things happen.  Joe, dude.  Thank you so much for being here today, man.  I’ve appreciated it.  Thanks for coming on out.  -Thanks for watching guys.  I look forward to helping you with your credit and helping you grow.  -And if you’re not a subscriber, you got to fix that when? Like this moment.

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